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pokemon team builder  pokemon journeys! online, pokemon legendary pokemon journeys episodes, At the Shalour City Gym, Ash and Goh observe Korrina Mega Evolving her Lucario. Korrina’s challenger has his Quilladin attack with Wood Hammer but Mega Lucario’s Aura Sphere immediately overpowers it, defeating the Spiny Armor Pokémon and making Korrina the winner. With the battle over, Ash and Goh greet Korrina and descend down to the battlefield. Gurkinn also greets them and congratulates Ash for advancing to the Ultra Class in the World Coronation move against psychic pokemon pokemon musharna

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Ash explains to Korrina that he wants to Mega Evolve his Lucario too in preparation for his upcoming Ultra and Master Class battles. Remembering Ash’s Riolu’s fascination towards her Lucario, Korrina gladly agrees to help.pokemon types


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The group gets on a boat, where Gurkinn explains that Lucario had sensed the location of its Mega Stone. As they approach Mega Island, Korrina and Gurkinn explain that it suddenly appeared one day and was given its name due to the large number of Mega Stones found on it. Because of this, many Pokémon capable of Mega Evolving are also present on the island, making Goh excited. When they make land, Gurkinn stays at the boat, while Ash, Goh, and Korrina move on to go find a Lucarionite. They soon spot a shine inside a cave and run after it. They soon realize, however, that the shine was coming from the eyes of a Sableye instead of a Lucarionite, just in time to slip on a frozen hillside and start sliding down towards a ravine. Lucario manages to grab the edge of the cliff with the spikes on the back of its hands and grab Ash with its legs, while Ash grabs onto Goh and Goh grabs onto Korrina. Pikachu retrieves Dragonite and Flygon’s Poké Balls and calls them out to pick up the group. While flying to safety, the group notices an Abomasnow on the other side of the ravine and realizes that it was the one who had frozen the hillside.


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