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17 best Top Water-Type Pokemon Ranked: 

Wondering what the best Water-type Pokemon are? Everyone has their own favorite, but some of them rise to the top when it comes to power, moves, and overall design.Water is one of the most common types in Pokémon. Some Water-type Pocket Monsters have only this typing and can be very strong in battle.pokemon journeys episodes

Water is bountiful in the Pokémon world, and many Water-type creatures exist within it. Much of this population also has a second typing, but certain Pocket Monsters have only one type, making these pure Water-types. These range from unimpressive to powerful. One way to measure a Pokémon’s viability is through how it performs in the main series games. contains these Pokémons’ stats, abilities, available moves, etc., which help when evaluating their strength.

While certain Mega Evolutions and Primal Reversions count as pure Water-types, creatures that can acquire any typing based on an item or move do not qualify. Some pure Water-types can make a significant impact on a playthrough, and trainers should consider using them if possible.

17 Vaporeon

Vaporeon Pokemon Go Crowd

Vaporeon, one of the original Eeveelutions, often gets swept to the side in favor of stronger Water-types, many of which have a dual-typing. While it is certainly not the most powerful in its category, it has some stats that allow it to be capable in battle. Its highest stat is its HP, which gives it the bulk to deal with a variety of attacks. It does not have great Defense, but its Special Defense is relatively high. As a result, it does well against Special attackers but not as well against Physical ones. Given the opportunity, though, it can be fairly strong with its high Special Attack stat.

16 Feraligatr

Feraligatr using Ice Beam, from Pokemon Movie no 16

Feraligatr is in a complicated position. Its Speed is unimpressive, which keeps it from moving before many opponents. Its defensive stats, however, are decent and let it withstand a solid amount of damage. Its Attack is good, but it does not learn any Physical Water moves until a high level, limiting its Water potential to Special moves that use its less impressive Special Attack stat. It learns Physical moves from several other types, though, which make use of its sizable Attack. Feraligatr is a Pokémon that deserves to have a Mega Evolution along with its fellow Johto starters. If it were to receive one, it would be much more powerful.

15 Inteleon

inteleon Gigantimax Sword and Shield Pokemon

Out of the three Generation VIII starters, Inteleon is perhaps the most divisive. Many players do not like its human-like design or the concept behind it. Regardless of this, Inteleon can be powerful. Its Defense and Special Defense are sub-par, so Inteleon relies on striking before its opponents can. It has a very high Speed stat and a great Special Attack stat.

14 Politoed

Pokemon Sword and Shield Politoed

Although its base stat total is a fair amount lower than other Water starters, Politoed can be stronger. It must have the Hidden Ability Drizzle, though. This causes rain to fall on the battlefield, boosting the power of Water moves significantly. In its base form, Politoed’s offensive stats are good but not great. With rain, however, it is incredible. Its Speed is not amazing, but its Defense, Special Defense, and HP let it take a good amount of damage. Many of its powerful moves are available only through Technical Machines (TM) and Technical Records (TR), which can be limiting. If trainers find these items, though, Politoed can be very capable.

13 Azumarill

The Water-type Azumarill in Pokemon
The Pokemon Company

Azumarill is an unexpected standout in Pokemon.

Its base states may not be anything to write home about, but Azumarill has a number of features that make it a worthy fighter.

Its incredible ability Huge Power doubles its attack stat, making it a more powerful choice than trainers may first realize. Azumarill has 100 HP and 80 Defense, meaning it can withstand more than a few attacks and retaliate with the full power of its doubled Attack stats.

Moves like Liquidation and Play Rough, which have a chance to reduce the opponent’s Defense and Attack respectively, take advantage of STAB (same-type attack bonus) and as a result will deal some hefty damage.

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12 Milotic

Milotic Pokemon Eat

With a high base stat total and access to some great moves, Milotic is one of the strongest Pokémon from the Hoenn region. While its Attack stat is disappointing, it throws its offensive strength into its Special Attack. While this stat is not groundbreaking, it can be devastating when combined with the Pokémon’s bulk and defensive stats. Opponents often need several turns to defeat Milotic, and it can strike many times before it faints. As the evolution of the terribly weak Feebas, Milotic shows that not everything is as it immediately appears.

11 Dracovish

Dracovish in the Pokemon anime
The Pokemon Company

Dracovish has one of the most powerful moves in Sword & Shield.

The creepy fossil-based Dracovish may seem like an unusual choice for this list, as its stats are largely unimpressive. It has a total of 505 base stats and struggles particularly with Special Attack (70) and Special Defense (80)

10 Samurott

Samurott is in a similar position to Feraligatr with its Speed and defensive stats. However, both are lower than those of Feraligatr. There are certain reasons, though, why Samurott is stronger. Its Attack and Special Attack have similar values, which give it access to both categories with consistent levels of strength. It also learns Physical Water moves at a lower level than Feraligatr. Because of this, Samurott is much more capable in a playthrough. On the other hand, it does suffer from its lack of excellence in any one area.

9 Gyarados

Gyarados in the Pokemon anime
The Pokemon Company

Gyarados remains a solid choice over two decades later.

Any trainer worth their salt knows that despite how long and arduous the process of evolving Magikarp into Gyarados can be, it’s a challenge that’s more than worth following through with in every new generation of games.


8 Manaphy

Manaphy Pokemon Cover

As far as Mythical Pokémon go, Manaphy is not great. Its stats are all fairly high, but they are exactly the same. This keeps it from excelling in any one department. With a limited number of powerful moves, Manaphy falls behind many other members of its classification. As a Mythical, though, it is stronger than most other pure Water-types.

7 Toxapex

The Pokemon Company

Toxapex is one of the best defense Pokemon out there.

It’s not the most appealing-looking Pokemon, we’ll admit, but Toxapex is here to do one thing, and do that thing incredibly well: Defend.

Toxapex is one of the best defensive walls in the game, and can learn a number of moves to help it stay in battle for ages. Recover can be used to restore 1/2 of its HP, while Haze can eliminate all stat changes of Pokemon engaged in battle, which is great for eliminating an opponent’s setup.

Offense-wise it benefits from Toxic, which poisons its opponent and cannot miss thanks to its typing, and the popular Scald, which has a not-too-shabby 80 Power and a 30% chance of burning its opponent.

6 Blastoise

The Water-type Blastoise in the Pokemon anime
The Pokemon Company

Blastoise is a classic and remains a powerful addition to any trainer’s team.

Being a Gen 1 starter evolution, Blastoise remains one of the most popular Pokemon in the ever-growing Pokedex. But it’s not just nostalgia that keeps players coming back, as this pure Water-type got the power to back up its popularity, even if it’s not the best overall stats-wise.

As of Sword and Shield, Blastoise now has the Shell Smash move, which lowers its Defense and Special Defense, but significantly raises its Attack, Special Attack, and Speed stats. This turns it into a potent offensive choice, making already-solid moves like Hydro Pump, Surf, Liquidation, and Scald even stronger.

Blastoise is also one of the few Water-types to have both Mega Evolution and Gigantamax forms, meaning there are ways to significantly power it up across generations. It also benefits from the Rain Dish ability, which allows it to slowly heal itself when it’s raining.

5 Greninja

The Pokemon Company

Greninja has earned its status as a fan-favorite Pokemon.

Greninja has become a mascot for the Pokemon franchise since it debuted in Gen 6 games X and Y, and has even been voted the world’s favorite Pokemon. That’s not just because of how cool it looks – although that does help, of course.

The dual Water/Dark-type creature has very high Speed (122) which can help you sneak in a powerful blow before your opponent. Its new Ash-Greninja form, introduced in Sun and Moon, makes it even more powerful as its total stats boost to 640 with a significant increase in Attack and Special Attack.

Meanwhile, Greninja’s hidden ability Protean allows it to become the type of the last move it last used, giving it STAB for any move and changing its type resistances. This makes Greninja a unique and often unpredictable Pokemon to help lead you to success in competitive battles.

4 Suicune

Suicune in the Pokemon anime
The Pokemon Company

Suicune doesn’t just look good, it’s also a great defense.

If you’re looking for a defensive Water-type that can also dish out damage, look no further than Suicune.

This bulky Legendary Pokemon has 115 Defense and 115 Special Defense, and access to a number of moves that help it stay strong against even the most formidable opponents.

Calm Mind can be used to raise its Special Defense and Special Attack even more, while Rest means it can restore its HP fully and remove any non-volatile conditions. Used wisely, the Legendary Pokemon Suicune can be incredibly difficult to take down.

3 Palkia

Palkia in the Pokemon anime
The Pokemon Company

Palkia is a great dual Dragon/Water-type choice.

While Primal Kyogre may have the highest total stats of any Water-type Pokemon, Palkia has the highest of any standard form Water-type with 680 in total, making it a great alternative to our number one choice.

Palkia is a strong wallbreaker thanks to its 120 Attack and 150 Special Attack stats, as well as a relatively high 100 Speed stat. Spacial Rend is a standout signature move with 100 Power, a high chance of a critical hit, and of course that STAB bonus.

It doesn’t have many type resistances – only Steel, Water, and Fire – and has no immunities, but it is neutral to the majority of types, meaning it can withstand most hits without receiving particularly high damage, especially thanks to its bulky nature.

Like many other Legendaries, Palkia’s Pressure ability also comes in handy when dealing with opponents who spam overpowered moves, as they’ll lose 2 PP instead of 1 every time a hit lands.

2 Mega Blastoise

Mega Blastoise

On its own, Blastoise is one of the better final evolutions of a Water starter Pokémon. As such, it would rank as one of the strongest pure Water-types in the franchise. With a Mega Evolution, though, this Pokémon surpasses the vast majority of Water-types. Mega Blastoise keeps its high defensive stats and even boosts them slightly, although its HP and Speed stay the same. It truly shines with its drastically increased Special Attack stat. Its Mega Launcher ability increases the power of Aura and Pulse moves, making Water Pulse not only more viable but deadly.

1 Primal Kyogre

Primal Kyogre swims

As with Blastoise, Kyogre was very strong before acquiring a new form, being the box art Legendary for Pokémon Sapphire. With the introduction of its Primal Reversion, though, it became almost unstoppable. The only real drawback is its Defense, which is still not bad. Primal Kyogre’s offensive stats are absurdly strong, and with its Primordial Sea ability, heavy rain falls on the battlefield, boosting its Water moves even more. No enemy should want to find itself in Primal Kyogre’s path, because this Legendary can destroy teams with ease.

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