Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can Ring In the New Anime Series with Captain Pikachu

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The new Pokemon anime series will feature the adorable Captain Pikachu, so Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could celebrate with a gift for fans.


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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the latest entries in the video game franchise, and the anime series will soon be exploring the new creatures. In the new series, players can expect new protagonists, as Ash and his partner have waved goodbye after winning the Pokemon World Championship. However, this doesn’t mean there won’t be a cute Pikachu around, as The Pokemon Company has revealed that the new series will feature Professor Friede and his buddy Captain Pikachu.

It is easy to tell apart Professor Friede’s Pikachu from Ash’s, as the professor’s partner wears an adorable white captain’s hat. This is something that the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet video games should reflect by featuring a Pikachu wearing the snazzy sailor hat. This has been done several times with Ash’s various hats, so it would just be a continuation of a long trend.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Introduce Captain Pikachu

Pokemon Journeys ended on an explosive note. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu went up against Leon and his mighty Charizard. After a hard-fought battle, Pikachu managed to come out on top, and in doing so, Ash’s greatest goal in life was achieved. Understandably, the anime series has chosen to end his story — at least for now — to focus on new Trainers who are at the beginning of their journey. With the new anime series, fans will meet Liko the Paldean student who has a necklace with a mysterious pendant. She is joined by her friend Roy who owns a strange Poke Ball, though not much has been revealed about it yet.

Although there are a lot of changes, it seems the new Pokemon anime series hasn’t entirely abandoned the past, as there will be a new Pikachu. This Pikachu, simply known as Captain Pikachu, belongs to Professor Friede, and it appears that the pair are just as close as Ash and his yellow rodent were. With its white hat that makes it look like it’s ready to take to the seas, Captain Pikachu has a very distinct look that could make it a hit among fans, although it could never replace Ash’s iconic partner.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and Captain Pikachu's Hat

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In the past, Game Freak has gifted gamers with Pikachu wearing one of the many hats Ash has had in the anime. These Pikachu are appreciated, as they are a nice reference to the anime series, which many gamers are also fans of. Although Ash’s Pikachu is gone, the tradition can continue with Professor Friede’s Pikachu. Gifting players a special Pikachu wearing the cap would be a great way to usher in the new anime series while giving players a reason to return to the game. This would be a refreshing change for the game too, since Scarlet and Violet‘s gifts thus far have been very lackluster. This is a trend that began with the pre-order bonuses which included boring items such as Stardust. A Pikachu in a cute hat would be a good way to make up for the prior gifts.

There is plenty for Pokemon fans to look forward to in 2023. The announced Scarlet and Violet DLC, titled The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero will be released in two parts, with the first part, The Teal Mask, scheduled for Spring 2023. The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero will introduce new legendary Pokemon like Terapagos. Connectivity between Scarlet and Violet and Pokemon Home will also be enabled soon, allowing players to transfer Pokemon from prior generations into Paldea. Hopefully, the adorable Captain Pikachu is not forgotten in the midst of all this content.

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