Niantic has announced that the next season of Pokemon GO will kick off on June 1 and last until September 1. It’s called the Season of Hidden Gems, and during these three months, fans can look forward to tons of new events, new Pokemon, Raid Battles, and much more. One of the first events trainers can prepare for is the Searching for Gold Research Day.

Updated on June 2, 2023: The Timed Research and Field Research Tasks have gone live in some regions, so we’ve added them to the bottom of our Pokemon GO Searching for Gold event guide.

earching for Gold Research Day Times

Pokemon GO players can participate in the Searching for Gold Research Day on Saturday, June 3 from 2 PM to 5 PM local time. In the next sections, we’ll review the featured Pokemon, event bonuses, research tasks, and more.

pokemon tcg nosepass


During the three-hour event, Pokemon GO players have a higher chance of encountering the following Pokemon. If there’s an asterisk by its name, that means there’s a chance for it to be Shiny:

  • Weedle*
  • Bellsprout*
  • Poochyena*
  • Buizel*
  • Tympole*
  • Shelmet*
  • Stufful*
  • Lickitung*
  • Azumarill*