15 New Hidden Details In The New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer! (Hidden Pokemon, New Abilities, & More)

New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer! Review

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So The Pokemon Company Just Dropped A Massive 14-minute Long Trailer For Pokemon Scarlet And Violet And While A Lot Of It May Recap Info We Already Knew It Has A Ton Of New Information Including Some Big Things Like Some Brand New Pokemon Hiding In Plain Sight Plus There Were Updates To The Official Website As Well So We Put Everything Together In One List Though Some Of It May Be Pretty Quick Fire So Without Further Ado Here’s Over 15 New Details That You Might Have Missed From The Latest Trailer For Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

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Number One It’s Confirmed You Enter Battle With Pokemon By Running Into Them So Traditional Wild Pokemon Battles Start More Like We’re Used To Like In Sword And Shield Rather Than Legends Arceus

2 : TMs in Overworld

Tms Can Be Found Out In The Overworld But Number Three Tms Can Also Be Crafted At Pokemon Centers Using The Technical Machine Machine League Points And Other Materials Obtained From Defeating Pokemon Are Used To Craft Tms Tms Are Single Use But With More Materials You Can Make More Than One Of Them In Particular We Get A Look At Charm Thunderfang Struggle Bug Aerial Ace Icy Wind And Rest

3 : Detailed Map

We Get A Detailed Look At The Map Screen We Can See Some Various Different Options Here Including Using The Right Stick To Rotate The Map And Pressing It In To Put North Back At The Top We Can Also See Some Pokemon Centers And What Look To Be Shops The Pokemon Centers Have This Little Wing Icon Next To Them So We Might Still Be Able To Fly To Them Like In Previous Games

4 : Set Destinations

Can Set Destinations On Your Map While The Trailer Specifically Outlined This I Just Want To Point Out That When You Arrive At Your Destination You’ll See A Little Notification Appear At The Side And I Find That Pretty Charming

5 : Team Star Battles

Brand New Details About Battling Team Star So We Learned About Doing This In An Earlier Trailer But Now We Have More Details So You’ll Use The First Three Pokemon In Your Party To Do These Auto Battles And You Have To Defeat 30 Grunts In Order To Make The Leader Appear But Even If They’re Still Grunts Undefeated It’ll Stop As Soon As You Beat 30. As We Can See From This Poor Growlithe Just Standing There What Does He Do He’s The 31st

6 : New Move: Tera Blast

Terablast Is A New Move This Move Changes Type Based On The Pokemon’s Terror Type And Can Probably Only Be Used When A Pokemon Is In His Terraform

7 : Poke Portal

Viewing The Poke Portal This Seems To Be An Online Hub Menu But Gives You Some Different Options Here Including Union Circle Raid Battles Link Trade Surprise Trade Link Battle Battle Stadium And Mystery Gift

8 : Farigiraf Details

Girafarig Evolution Was Revealed Today And The Website Has Some New Information Including Its Two Brand New Abilities The First Of These Is Kudshu When The Pokemon Eats A Berry It Will Eat It One More Time At The End Of The Next Turn The Second Is Armor Tail Which Makes Opposing Pokemon Unable To Use Priority Moves

9 : Other NEW Pokémon

Rigorath Isn’t The Only New Pokemon There’s Several New Pokemon Hidden In This Trailer First Up In The Map Screen We Can See Rookity From The Gala Region In The Midst Of Some Other New Pokemon This Green Bird With A Black Swirled Pompadour This Rock Mushroom That Looks A Bit Like Well The Rock Mushroom From Mario And These Two White Mice Which Are Likely Two Of The Same Pokemon But There’s Very Slight Differences Between The Two Their Hands And Tails Are At Different Positions So Maybe These Are Gender Differences Or Something We Can Also See When Battling Team Star In The Back Near These Torkal Is Another New Pokemon And It Looks A Little Bit Like Some Pokemon We’ve Seen Before Moving On To Another New Pokemon We’ve Already Seen The Engine Pokemon Kind Of On Top Of This Giant Car When Battling Team Star Though It’s Not Been Properly Officially Revealed We Know It’s A Pokemon From Official Art Showing It Has A Tongue But That’s Not The Focus Here When We See The Car Roll Up There’s Actually Another Smaller One Down On The Axle Over Here Maybe This Is The Pre-evolution And Finally With New Pokemon In Photo Mode Behind The Photo Options On The Left Seems To Be Another Pokemon We Can’t Make Out What This One Is Either But It Does Seem To Be New

10 : Trainer Customization

Tons Of Trainer Customization Hairstyles Don’t Seem To Be Locked To The Player’s Gender Anymore There’s A Lot Of Hairstyle Options And Colors Too And Now No Matter Your Identity You Can Have Long Or Short Hair But Beyond The Hair There’s Lots Of Further Customization For The Trainer’s Face Eye Shapes Color Contacts Eyelash Shape And Even More That We Could See Up Top Eyebrows Mouth Face Markings And More Can All Be Customized As Well This Is Seriously In Depth And I’m Pretty Happy With It

11 : Photo Mode

Photo Mode If You’ve Watched Our Earlier Videos You Know I’m Excited About This One There Are A Ton Of Different Options And Controls For Taking Different Pictures Or Selfies Rotations And Angles Applying Filters Different Expressions And Poses And So Much More I’m Gonna Have Fun With This Photo Mode I Know It And These Tie Into

12 : Player Profiles

Player Profiles Which Are Similar To The League Cards From Sword And Shield But Now You Can Set Your Own Custom Photo To The Background We Can See Adventure Records On The Side Of The Profile Badges Pokedex Shiny Pokemon Playtime And Recipes Recipes Being Here Seems To Indicate That Mickey Sandwiches The Picnics Won’t All Just Be Experimenting With What You Have Additionally It Seems You Can Also Set A Custom Profile Picture Seen In The Raid Battle Menu Later On Juliana Here Looks More Like A Screenshot Rather Than A Profile Mug Shot

13 : Picnic Details

Picnics A Brand New Feature Was Shown Off Today With A Major Spotlight In This Trailer So Obviously You Guys Didn’t Miss The Picnics Themselves But There’s More To Be Talked About With Them Especially From New Website Details So Rather Than Having Like Six Different Points On The Picnics Here’s Almost Everything From Them Condense Into One You Can Change The Design To The Tablecloth Cups Water Bottles And Other Picnic Items To Create An Arrangement To Your Liking Cleaning Pokemon Will Heal Their Hp And Increase Their Bond With You And Ah Look At This The Sponge Looks Like A Little Mareep I Love That You Could Play With Pokemon Around The Picnic By Using The Zr Button To Throw The Ball You Can Also Crouch With B Whistle With R Pack Up The Picnic With Y Or Recall Corydon And Miraidon That’s An Interesting Option We’re Gonna Come Back To That One Pokemon X Can Appear In The Basket While Pokemon Are Playing Which Then Begs The Question Of The Daycare From Previous Pokemon Games Can We Only Get Eggs From Pokemon In Our Party On A Related Note Picnics Can Be Played In Multiplayer On Top Of Being Able To Cook Together And Take Pictures Together Your Pokemon Can Even Play Together And When You And Your Friends Pokemon Are All Playing Together Eggs May Still Appear When Having A Picnic So Does This Mean That Pokemon Can Breed With Your Friends Teams As Well Well That’s Interesting And Finally On Pet Next You Can Set Up A Picnic Seemingly Anywhere And It Won’t Bring You To A Whole Separate Area Like Camping Did In Sword And Shield

14 : Making Sandwiches

Making Sandwiches Okay This One Is Big Enough That It’s Worth Separating Out From The Rest Of The Picnic Section You Have 10 Minutes To Put Tons Of Ingredients Together On The Sandwich Placing Them However You Want Looking At The Menu Of Ingredients There Is A Lot Of Them But I Like How Actually Putting Together The Sandwich Is Almost Like A Little Physics-based Minigame Will It Actually Hold The Sandwich When Put Together Or Will It Fall Over And Kind Of Collapse Into A Mess It’s Not Just A Fun Mini-game Though There’s Benefits To Eating As Well It Can Make Certain Types Of Pokemon Easier To Catch Make Your Pokemon Earn More Exp And Seemingly Increase The Power Against Certain Types Of Raid Pokemon And I’m Sure There’s Even Other Benefits Depending On What Ingredients Are Put In Your Sandwich

15 : Miraidon & Koraidon Are NOT in Your Party

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